About me

Hi, I'm Cesare, the founder of C&C.

Despite my very young age, I have always been passionate about motorcycles and engines, especially vintage vehicles .

Specifically, I was lucky enough to use a 1983 Vespa PX 125 as my first motorbike, while all my other peers were using common "youth" motorbikes.

I was and still am enthusiastic about my white Vespa , it took me everywhere during the years when I was waiting for my car license.

During one of my frequent outings I happened to puncture the rear wheel of my Vespa .

After the initial scare and after stopping on the edge of the road, I was thinking about how to remove the tire.

I knew I always had the spare tire with me, but I had never worried about how I could remove the rear tire without the help of other people or without a specific tool.

With the help of a passer-by who had been hit by the Vespa stopped on the side of the road, I managed to replace the tyre.

Once I got home I searched the web for an accessory that could help me in the future in case this unpleasant inconvenience was repeated.

The research had produced poor results and therefore the idea of ​​creating the wheel lift jack for Vespa was born, a versatile and useful accessory not only for replacing the wheel, but also for other maintenance operations.

After this idea, others followed, involving technology, specifically creating printable items using 3D printers , thus creating equally useful and innovative accessories never seen before!

Subsequently, some specialized workshops aroused interest in the products and after an initial sales test I decided to launch into the creation of my online e-commerce.

In the photo you can see a photo taken at my first gathering outside the region with my Vespa in Pontedera, the birthplace of the Vespa.

Precisely on this occasion I was able to show the Vespa enthusiasts present the prototype of my recently designed wheel lift jack .

I immediately received compliments for the article, for the very young age (19 years old at the time) and also a few questions from some curious and sceptical people.

Specifically, the skeptics were proven wrong by a quick replacement of the rear tire before the start of the lap.

Thanks to this opportunity I then received an invitation from the Vespa Club Lucca , which I still thank for having motivated, supported and invited me to the gathering in June.

Gathering in which I was able to display my accessories which in the meantime also included bags and accessories obtained thanks to the 3D printer.

Thanks to the considerable interest received on this occasion, I spent several months developing and carrying out further tests on the products I intended to market.

After making the necessary changes I filed the patent and opened the VAT number, so I decided to definitively launch myself into this project...